PayPal Voices Video Hints At Bitcoin Integration


Bitcoin adoption has reached unprecedented levels during 2014 with some of the largest corporations accepting digital currencies. Many have speculated that PayPal has been quietly discussing integrating bitcoin into its payment subsidiary BrainTree which processes over $12bn in payments annually. Are these rumours true? Will bitcoin soon be integrated into PayPal and eBay which would inevitably be one of the largest adoption stories of the year? Well according to this recent video by PayPal, it seems that the company is getting closer to finally making these rumours a reality.

Their video titled “PayPal Voices” features everyday people explaining how “Our phone is our wallet. We can spend bitcoin with a tap. We can buy and sell and rent and send a $20 to a friend.” This is by far one of the most direct mentions of bitcoin by the company and leaves us to believe that there is much more bitcoin news to come from PayPal and eBay. Exciting times ahead!


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