Hacker Makes Contact with Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto


One of the most compelling aspects of bitcoin’s origin is the rumours surrounding the unknown identity of its creator, an individual who goes by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Back in 2008 when the cryptocurrency was invented, the person calling himself or herself Nakamoto released a “white paper” outlining their motivations for creating bitcoin. He was also an active participant on the popular community forum BitcoinTalk and frequently communicated with early adopters. Since then, the Satoshi Nakamoto account on BitcoinTalk has ceased almost all activity since 2011 and Nakamoto has not left any other hints as to his or her true identity.

Numerous attempts within the bitcoin community have been made to try and discover who the individual or individuals responsible for the cryptocurrency could be, but up until now it has remained a mystery. That isn’t to say that there aren’t many theories, though, which range from those who believe a government is responsible for the development of the cryptocurrency to Newsweek journalists who pointed the finger at Dorian Nakamoto, a Japanese-American living in California in early 2014. The seekers of the truth are so passionate about finding Nakamoto precisely because the creator of bitcoin is historically relevant, influential and likely extremely wealthy. It is estimated that Nakamoto holds as many as 1 million bitcoins, making bitcoin’s creator worth over 1 billion US dollars.

Now, the bitcoin community has exploded in reaction to rumors that a hacker might have infiltrated Nakamoto’s email account, giving him the keys to unlocking his identity. The hacker, who told Wired that his name was Jeffery but who posts under the username Degavas1337, posted on Pastebin on September 8th that he had hacked Nakamoto’s accounts on GMX.com and had access to his current and past emails. The hacker’s initial request was to earn 25 BTC in exchange for information about Nakamoto’s identity, prompting both positive and negative reactions from the bitcoin community.

However, after talking with Vice and negotiating with Nakamoto for the last 24 hours, the hacker has stated that Nakamoto’s identity will continue to remain private for the time being. He told Vice that the email account’s contents had enabled him to establish Nakamoto’s true identity and make contact with him, but that he is not openly exploiting him at the moment. Whether the hacker is blackmailing Nakamoto for personal gain or waiting for a more opportune time to reveal his identity still remains a mystery.



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