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Each and every day, the cryptocurrency space is growing and evolving. At this very moment, cryptocurrencies are becoming embedded into our culture as governments, large corporations and small businesses adopt bitcoin on a wide scale. Tax laws and regulations are finally in place allowing for large scale investors to confidently move into the cryptocurrency space. As the adoption rate of bitcoin continues to rise, the Cryptonomy continues to strengthen as global acceptance becomes more of a reality.

So what is the Cryptonomy anyways? Simply put, the crypto-economy represents the building of the bitcoin phenomenon that is occurring before our very eyes. All aspects of cryptocurrencies, regardless of how large or seemingly insignificant, are integral to this new trend of digital currencies. Bitcoin’s nature truly lies in the collective, which is exactly what CryptonomyReport strives to represent.

Everything from current news, engaging multimedia content and high level discussion and debates will be featured on CryptonomyReport. All aspects of cryptocurrencies including mining, trading, security, blockchain technology and more will be reported on in a light-hearted and easily consumable format. The foundation of an advanced and revolutionary digital currency system is being built one satoshi at a time and we truly believe that this is just the beginning.

Staying informed about all aspects of the Cryptonomy is the best way to get involved with this digital currency revolution. Price volatility is still a major barrier to entry for a large portion of society, however the best way to combat this is through education and understanding about what bitcoin truly is. As do all good things in life, this process will inevitably take time. Join us on this journey by following @CryptonomyRep on Twitter and subscribing to this blog.


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